Value Membership to IAHPN

What makes us stronger as professionals is our differences and integration with other specialists.



Our one-off membership is not closed to specific disciplines.  We welcome any profession working towards either: improving their skills; learning the importance of integrated approaches to a persons health and well-being; wanting to share experiences and hearing other professionals experiences, wanting to mingle with a team 'who have your back' and are wanting to see you excel. 

One-off payment for IAHPN Membership


Mentoring opportunities through our various partners - to any of our members from any discipline who feel they need that additional support and the confidence boost that a mentoring programme can offer.

Business Development

Learning new skills from other disciplines increases our “box of tools” making us even more effective practitioners and increases opportunities for more diverse revenue streams.

Open IAHPN Forum

Open Forum - the website will have an open forum in which our members can communicate and open topics for discussion, ask questions and receive support when needed.

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