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About the IAHPN

Bringing together multi-disciplinary professionals to create a familial community in which we may cross pollinate with other like minded professionals.  Through mutual professional respect we may connect, communicate and learn from each other thus providing us all with opportunity for growth of knowledge, development of skills, access to additional education and to an open, supportive and non-judgmental platform for conversation and debate from which we may all mature, enhance and diversify our personal beliefs in practice.  This will in turn result in greater health and wellbeing for all of our clients.

Board of Technical Advisors

All within the Board have an unrelenting passion for learning, development and growth of our scopes of practice.  We have overwhelming respect and fascination in other professions and disciplines outside our own chosen practices and acknowledge how much we can learn and blossom from an association with other professionals.  We have also received much interest from other communities as to the ever-expanding opportunities of which we are offering.

Jo Abbott

a Biomechanist, Clinical Anatomist and Sports Nutritionist, currently studying my Doctorate in Biomechanics.  I am part of an Elite Team of Sports Science Professionals who on a day-to-day basis test, support, train and educate our Clients to either optimise their performance in a particular sport, or regain control of their life and live life pain-free. The BodyMOT Systems ethos is to work alongside other therapists/coaches/trainers, sharing and growing together. We hope these team qualities will unite professionals and produce a superior management to disease & dysfunction.

Julian Baker

Julian Baker has been a hands on therapist for over 25 years.  The founder of the European College of Bowen Studies, ECBS he has taught thousands of students over the years the skill of The Bowen Technique, a non invasive system of fascial release.

Since 2006 he has been leading human dissection courses throughout the UK focusing on the fascia and connective tissue structures, rather than standard anatomical approaches.  From these studies we are able to see that the traditional way of teaching how and why the body works needs adjustment and a shift in understanding.

Jane Wilkinson

I am a yoga teacher and biomechanics coach practicing and teaching classes in and around Hook, Hampshire. 


I began my career as a showgirl working abroad after studying music and dance at Arts Educational Schools. A major road traffic accident changed my career path and since then I have trained extensively in exercise, aqua, yoga and most recently intrinsic biomechanics. 

I believe the influence of my training as a biomechanics coach has enhanced the way I teach and practice yoga.

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